Investment Overview

Investment timing: 2015/3
Exit timing: 2016/9
Deal type: Turnaround
Fund: AG I
Status: Exit

Investment Background / Post-Investment Activities

Investment Background

Rinkai Nissan Construction is a general construction company engaged in civil engineering/construction, with special equipment/technology for marine civil engineering, and is classified as a marine constructor. The company was under the corporate reorganization process at the time, and Aspirant Group invested in the company as a sponsor to assist in ending the corporate reorganization process.

Post-Investment Activities

Development of Infrastructure

  • Development of an accounting management system
  • Design/management of meeting structure


  • Improvement in Cash Management​ (Rebuilding of the company’s credit standing by concluding the corporate reorganization process)

Support for Growth

  • Sales Support/Sales Channel Expansion, etc. (Customer introductions and overseas business development support)


In 2016, the company became a subsidiary of Imabari Shipbuilding, a major shipbuilder with which the company previously had a business relationship in shipbuilding dock construction, meeting its business expansion needs.