Fund that Contributes to Society

A “fund” is nothing more than a mechanism, and its character/behavior will vary greatly depending on the “Mindset/Values” of the fund manager.
In order to be a private equity fund that contributes to the portfolio companies, investors, and society, we must have the “Right Mindset/Values,” and to this end, we have established a code of conduct, which we call “Core Values.”
The Core Values is based on the philosophy of Mr. Kazuo Inamori, a business leader with whom our founder, Akitoshi Nakamura, has worked together in the past, and is a compilation of what the members of the Aspirant Group have learned from their actual past private equity fund experiences.
Aspirant Group’s investment activities are based on these Core Values.

Hardwork and Innovation

With strong passion and aspiration, we work relentlessly to innovate and improve our way of investing.
We aim to be the best professional team in the private equity industry.

Integrity and Trust

We always keep our integrity by doing what’s right.
We value humility, diligence, honesty and sense of gratitude – all key elements to building trust with stakeholders.

Fairness and Teamwork

For our portfolio companies, we show respect to the founders, existing management, and employees, and we are devoted to maximizing both employee and customer satisfaction.
For investment transactions, we contribute to the industry value chain including commercial banks, investment banks, and advisors.
We aim to realize superior returns for our limited partners.
For our team, we share humanity and teamwork to become a collaborative group.

Decisiveness with Accountability

We will act decisively to improve the profitability of our portfolio companies to build sustainable growth.
We are accountable and committed to our results.

Daily Self-reflection

Constantly learn and strive for progress and growth by reflecting on how we uphold these core values.