Number of years since establishment

We will strive to continue to contribute to our portfolio companies, industries, investors, and society as a whole.

Number of funds/Cumulative
total of fund amount*1*2

Total amount of assets under management (AUM)*2*3

The total amount of assets currently under management.

Investment Performance

Total 26 investments classified by deal type, industry, and current status.

Amount of Investment*2*4

The following table shows the invested capital per investment.
  • *1 AG II: Initially structured in 2016 at 10 billion yen, additional subscriptions resulted in a total of 27.2 billion yen in 2017.
  • *2 AG III Series Funds: A group of independently operated funds, including a domestic fund managed by Aspirant Group and offshore funds managed by other companies to which Aspirant Group provides services under contract. The amount related to the AG III Series Funds is the total amount of these domestic and offshore funds.
  • *3 AUM: During the commitment period (in principle, approximately 5 years from fund launch), the amount is an aggregated “committed capital” from investors, and after the commitment period, it is an aggregated “balance of portfolio companies under investment.”
  • *4 The amount of investment: Co-investments with other companies are included.