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  • Parking Management Organizaton, Ltd.(Current company name: Mitsubishi Estate Parks Co.,Ltd.)

Investment Overview

Investment timing: 2016/1
Exit timing: 2018/6
Deal type: Business Succession
Fund: AG I
Status: Exit

Investment Background / Post-Investment Activities

Investment Background

PMO is a publicly listed company (at the time), which provides high quality services in the field of manned parking operations and consulting, with a unique business model that integrates everything from design to operation. Based on the owner’s needs for business succession and business transformation from a medium to long-term perspective, Aspirant Group invested in the company through privatization via TOB with the theme of further growth by leveraging the company’s strengths.

Post-Investment Activities

Development of Infrastructure

  • Development of an accounting management system
  • Design/management of meeting structure


  • Reallocation of Management Resources (Concentration of resources on profit-producing businesses/properties)
  • Improvement in Productivity – Reduction of order loss (Speed up quotation/order decisions)
  • Pricing Strategy (Improvement of quotation/order pricing)

Support for Growth

  • Sales Support/Sales Channel Expansion, etc. (Strengthening of sales in local areas)


In 2018, the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Estate Group (Mitsubishi Real Estate Services and Mitsubishi Estate), as the company met the group’s need for growth in the parking operations and management business.