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We consider companies as communities of people, who work together to provide value (products or services) to society.
We believe our mission is to participate in these "communities" as active shareholders and provide all of the necessary support the businesses need.

We aim to:

  • Improve the business itself
  • Work with employees to create an attractive business and company. We want to see employees feel gratification for being part of that "community"

In order to realize these goals, we will aim to abide by the following core values.

Core Values

  1. Hardwork and Innovation

    With strong passion and aspiration, we work relentlessly to innovate and improve our way of investing.
    We aim to be the best professional team in the private equity industry.

  2. Integrity and Trust

    We always keep our integrity by doing what's right.
    We value humility, diligence, honesty and sense of gratitude – all key elements to building trust with stakeholders.

  3. Client First and Teamwork

    For our portfolio companies, we show respect to the founders, existing management, and employees, and we are devoted to maximizing both employee and customer satisfaction. For investment transactions, we contribute to the industry value chain including commercial banks, investment banks, and advisors. We aim to realize superior returns for our limited partners. For our team, we share humanity and teamwork to become a collaborative group.

  4. Decisiveness with Accountability

    We will act decisively to improve the profitability of our portfolio companies to build sustainable growth.
    We are accountable and committed to our results.

  5. Daily Self-reflection

    Constantly learn and strive for progress and growth by reflecting on how we uphold these core values.

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