Investment Overview

Investment timing: 2019/3
Deal type: Business Succession
Fund: AG II
Status: Active

Investment Background / Post-Investment Activities

Investment Background

Outlook Consulting is a software company, which provides license sales, implementation consulting, and maintenance services for “Sactona”, a business management software. Aspirant Group invested in the company based on the theme of further growth under the increasing demand for software to improve corporate productivity, in response to the business succession needs of the company’s founder.

Post-Investment Activities

Development of Infrastructure

  • Development of an accounting management system
  • Design/management of meeting structure
  • Development of Corporate Infrastructure (Introduction of incentive plan)


  • Pricing Strategy (Implementation of appropriate pricing of services)

Support for Growth

  • Sales Support/Sales Channel Expansion, etc. (Improvement of proposal capability/ strengthening of sales capabilities, including reduction of lead time between making proposals and receiving orders, etc.)
  • Sales Support/Sales Channel Expansion, etc. (Developing a service lineup that takes into account customer budgets, such as “Small Plan.”)
  • R&D/Capital Investment (Reinforcement of product competitiveness through software upgrades/new product development, etc.)