Investment Overview

Investment timing: 2017/6
Exit timing: 2020/12
Deal type: Business Succession
Fund: AG II
Status: Exit

Investment Background / Post-Investment Activities

Investment Background

Infomatix is a pioneer in the domestic market for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and is the leading GIS engine developer in Japan, with the ability to serve the needs of private companies as well as public agencies such as police/fire departments. In response to the owner’s business succession needs, Aspirant Group has invested in the company with the theme of pursuing further growth.

Post-Investment Activities

Development of Infrastructure

  • Development of an accounting management system
  • Design/management of meeting structure


  • Improvement in Productivity – Reduction of order loss (Reinforcement of sales management process to win orders)
  • Improvement in Productivity – Cost reduction (Reinforcement of project management process)

Support for Growth

  • R&D/Capital Investment (Support for launching new businesses such as XR (Cross Reality))


In 2020, Infomatix was acquired by ORIX, a leading financial services company with the resources to further develop Infomatix’s spatial information solutions technology/growth in information technology-related fields.