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Core Values

We believe the profit growth of companies is a proof of their fulfillment of societal needs as well as efficient resource utilization.
Therefore, our mission is to strengthen the portfolio companies' competitive edge so that they could achieve higher profits which would be shared among all the stakeholders.
We will spare no effort to further create companies with sustainable growth, serving the welfare of the employees and other stakeholders as well as our limited partners by providing stable and competitive returns.

  1. Hardwork and Innovation

    With strong passion and aspiration, we are second to none in working hard and innovate our way of investment for the better.
    We aim for the best professional team in Private Equity industry.

  2. Integrity and Trust

    We always keep our integrity. We value modesty, diligence, honesty and sense of gratitude. Gaining trust is our goal as well as foundation.

  3. Client First and Teamwork

    For our portfolio companies, we place the welfare of employees and other stakeholders ahead of our own interest while enforcing discipline to achieve profits.
    For investment transactions, we contribute to industry value chain including merchant banks, investment banks, and advisors.
    In Aspirant Group, we maintain warmhearted team spirit.

  4. Decisiveness with Accountability

    We move decisively to improve the profitability of the portfolio company and will be accountable of the performance.

  5. Daily Self-Review

    Everyday each one of us review
    how we comply with our core values.

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