Masaya Nakanishi

Prior to joining the Aspirant Group, Mr. Nakanishi worked at ETIC from 2010 as a project manager for their business turnaround investments and was mainly responsible for the revitalization of ARRK Corporation (ARRK) as Representative Operating Officer. Prior to ETIC, he was the head of Dogan Advisors’ business succession fund from 2007, overlooking overall investments and management support post investment as Board Director. From 2004, Mr. Nakanishi worked at IRCJ, in charge of investments to Okawaso Co., Ltd. and Miyazaki Kotsu Co., Ltd. and has contributed to the planning and execution of their business turnaround plans and performance improvement. Mr. Nakanishi started his career at a major Japanese commercial bank and was engaged in corporate loan operations, then at a financial consulting firm conducting asset valuation operations for domestic and international major investment banks. Mr. Nakanishi holds a B.A in Economics from Rikkyo University.