Yasuo Suzuki

Since 1970, Mr.Suzuki experienced all series of manufacturing process including research, sales engineering, assembly, production planning, production management, cost management, purchase, and factory operation management at Komatsu Ltd, that is one of the largest construction and mining equipment company. He also led structural reform at Komatsu as CEO at subsidiaries, 9years duty in United States, and senior executive director at HQ.
His V-shape recovery experience as CEO of Komatsu Industries Corp was outlined in famous Mr.Saegusa’s business book “V-shape recovery management”.
From August 2011, he assumes CEO at ARRK that ETIC sponsored and established its growth path.
After ARRK, he founded Bizits Partners in July 2017 and is supporting SME.
He joined Aspirant Group as a senior advisor in July 2017.
He is also an Executive Director at Kanazawa University and has classes for their master course students.